Vega is our first free voting rank! You can obtain it by voting 25 times, which takes a little more than 2 days worth of votes! it comes with a “Vega” prefix in game.
This rank Includes an addition home set which you can use by typing /sethome
You will also gain access to chat emojis! you can see all emojis using /emoji
you will gain the claimflag /claimflag allowwitherdamage to allow withers to explode blocks in your claim.
Custom images will be able to be added to your home. With this rank you will get a limit of 1 image to add to item frames. The images are whitelisted at imgur and need to be copied in the – format. Use this by typing /imageframe create combined
This rank includes extra rewards from the pinata party!
With this rank you will be able to start 2 addition quests with /quest
and finally, you will be able to create 5 extra player shops. Punch a chest with an item to start selling